History of a Public Controversy


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    History of a Public Controversy | John Manfredonia’s RCL Blog

  2. To be honest, I am very concerned with the future of our planet because we are not taking care of our resources and as Courtney mentioned, we can’t afford to spend the money required to explore other options. Your blog post really made me reflect on that…

  3. I must agree with you on all of that!! We need to find a way to preserve our environment becuase not all resources are renewable and what happens if fossil fuels run out and we have not yet found a way to create the same kind of energy in a more green way. The only problem is it seems our economy is in no position to spend money trying to find an alternative to fossil fuels, but frankly, I don’t think our country has any option becuase our environment can not take much more harmful chemicals.

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