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I really do believe that the environment is an issue that is not focused on enough, especially in politics. Every decision the government makes won’t matter if we can’t survive on Earth in the future because we treated the environment so poorly.

The issue of fracking often comes up in debates. People should worry about the long-term affects, it would be selfish not to. With gas prices so high and oil making so much controversy in the middle-east, I do believe that we should focus strongly on alternative energy sources. Our main goal should be to set up a plan to replace fossil fuels as an energy source. As most people know, we do not have an unlimited source of fossil fuels. So eventually we are going to need a new source anyway, so why not start now before the problem gets out of hand.

Rhetoric plays an important part in ways of helping the environment. To be convincing you need to be able to appeal to certain audiences and choose the right words to make yourself seem more convincing. There many ways of rhetoric that I can discuss that people use when talking about the environment.


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    Environment Civic Life | John Manfredonia’s RCL Blog

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    Environment Civic Life | John Manfredonia’s RCL Blog

  4. The environment needs to be taken care of so that it doesn’t get anymore ruined. A lot of people don’t realize that the little changes that don’t really affect humans have the potential to drastically harm more sensitive organisms. Politicians need to take a stand on this issue!

  5. I agree that the environment is overlooked in our society today. In the future, society will probably shift into a greener lifestyle. I think making evidence and suggestions more public can help to make a difference.

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