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TITLE:  In-situ tower greenhouse gas data (The Pennsylvania State University)
PROJECT:  Marcellus Methane
DATES:  7 June 2013 – 22 July 2013

ABSTRACT:  Monitoring atmospheric methane in the Marcellus Shale region is necessary to understand the actual leakage of greenhouse gases from shale gas production. The issue is that the leakage rate is not well known, and has large implications for the greenhouse impact of this energy source. It is also very likely that the extraction technology can be manipulated to reduce leakage, but the amount of total leakage is not well known. Measurements have been previously compiled over brief periods of time and using inconsistent techniques.

Data posted below were collected at two towers, one in rural New York (Windsor, NY) as a background site and the other in the midst of natural gas extraction in northeastern Pennsylvania (PA Gamelands) in June-July 2013. Cavity ring down spectrometer measurements of  CH4 and CO2 mole fractions are collected at these tower sites at heights of 76 m AGL (NY) and 46 m AGL (PA).

COMMENTS: Measurements are made with Picarro Inc. wavelength-scanned cavity ring down spectroscopic instruments.  10-min averages are reported here, with the minimum and maximum time included in the average indicated.  The standard deviation within the averaging window is also reported.  All times are GMT.   Standard correction for H2O has been applied.  Instruments were calibrated pre- and post- experiment using NOAA-calibrated tanks; no field testing of tanks was done during the experiment.

COLUMN HEADERS: Location(Site number), Height (m AGL), Time(minimum fractional day of year of the measurement, GMT), Time(maximum fractional day of year of the measurement, GMT), Year, DOY(day of year), Hour(GMT), CO2(dry mole fraction, ppm), Standard_Deviation(during measurement), CH4(dry mole fraction, ppb), Standard_Deviation(during measurement)

FAIR USE POLICY: Permission to download this data does not grant permission to use the information contained in that data for publication or any commercial use.  Please request permission for such use by e-mailing the Penn State group ( before any commerical use or publication. If you have any questions about the use of these data or the Fair Use policy, please contact a member of the group at

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