Site 01, Background Instrument Log

Site 01, Windsor NY, Background Site, CFKADS2060 (CO2/CO/CH4/H2O)
42.0960, -75.6035
measurement height = 76 m AGL

May 25, 2013: Installed box outdoors (north side of wooden wall) with instrument and fan cooling system.  Tested the prior night, indoors, with tank CC336384 (NOAA values:  395.76 ppm CO2 / 143.56 ppb CO / 1865.29 ppb CH4).  Measured values:  395.95 ppm CO2 / 135.06 ppb CO / 1866.5 ppb CH4.
4-wheel drive is recommended, particularly in winter (Winter access is questionable.)
Tower climbers secured tubing to tower with electrical tape.

May 28, 2013: System went down due to GFI breaker problem.

June 6, 2013:  Reset GFI breaker.  System restarted and running normally.

June 17, 2013: System went down due to GFI breaker problem.

June 21, 2013: Thomas, Juliana, Scott reset GFI breaker. System restarted and running normally.

July 12, 2013:  CO data appears excessively noisy (from installation until now).  Picarro fixed problem by adjusting the center frequency for the CO laser.  Other lasers adjusted slightly as well.  CO data prior to July 12 is NO GOOD.

July 30, 2013:  Decommissioned site.  GFI breaker caused instrument to be off since July 23.  Did calibration, but warm-up may not have been sufficient.  NOAA:  395.76 ppm CO2, 143.56 ppb CO, 1865.29 ppb CH4.  Measured:  395.66 ppm CO2, 139.36 ppb CO, 1863.3 ppb CH4.  NOAA:  451.17 ppm CO2, 254.49 ppb CO, 2117.14 ppb CH4.  Measured:  450.8 ppm CO2, 2115 ppb CH4.
measured – NOAA
Site 01

Pre: 0.19 ppm CO2, Post(Low tank/High tank):  -0.10 ppm/ -0.37 ppm, Post-lab(Low tank/High tank):  0.0 ppm / -0.2 ppm

Pre: 1.2 ppb CH4, Post(Low tank/High tank):  -2.0 ppb / -2.1 ppb, Post-lab(Low tank/High tank): 0.1 ppb / 0.8 ppb


Used instrument from Site 01 for drive-around measurements on way back through Marcellus area.


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