Tower Site Info


Four towers are instrumented with Picarro G2132-Analyzers to measure methane concentrations and the isotopic ratio (13C to 12C) of methane continuously.  Two of the towers have flask systems, quantifying a large suite of trace gases.  Two towers are located to measure methane concentrations downwind of the source area. The other two towers measure the background concentrations to be used as boundary conditions.

Site Install Date Latitude Longitude Sample height
(m AGL)
(m ASL)
Tower N – background 8 May 2015 42.0159N 76.4333W 46 476
Tower S – background 7 May 2015 41.4662N 76.4188W 61 591
Tower C – downwind 5 May 2015 41.7568N 76.3265W 59 341
Tower E – downwind 13 May 2015 41.7685N 75.6807W 59 450

PSU_Marcellus_towers.rtf (text file containing latitude, longitude, and elevation of the tower sites)




Tower at NY Site on 6/21/13

The distibutions of conventional and unconventional drilling sites across Pennsylvania are shown below. Conventional sites refer to sites that use conventional methods of oil extraction such as drilling and wells. Unconventional sites use newer alternative methods of extraction.  Also shown are the locations of the towers used in a pilot project conducted in the summer of 2013.




Text files containing the latitudes and longitudes for each site are listed below. The full version allows for you to see the name of the site that correlates with each latitude and longitude.

Column Headers

January to June Unconventional (Full)

January to June Unconventional Latitudes and Longitudes

2012 Conventional Full

2012 Conventional Latitude and Longitude