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Nowadays, there are more and more people enthusiastic people put their attention on charities for promoting their self-worth. In order to follow the trend, I set up a foundation with my parents to extend so-called” Warmth Project” to help children who are born with congenital heart disease. At the second year after the foundation was established, I visited children of CHD and contributed an electric reader, and my original intention was to let him pass the dull surgical preparation period. Ironically, I talked curiously with the doctor who was taking care of operation day after, and he told me those parents of the patient already thrown away the electric reader we contributed because of the risk of the radiation. This unexpected result sets me thinking: Do I really understand the meaning of help or charity? Ordo they need the help that I thought they would? Am I really helping them in the correct direction?

My mother is a principal of a special school, which focuses on the children, who have ADHD problem. Communicating with both children and parents and helping them comprehend each other’s are my mother’s duties. Her works and career that she has been working on really taught me “Roses were given, fragrance in hand, and I got acquainted with a cardiothoracic surgeon called Dr. Xu in Zhejiang Children Hospital in my 7th grade. Furthermore, I thought I can help some patients through my hardworking and warm-hearted. As the result, the idea of setting up a foundation did become the reality; however, I didn’t really understand the lesson my mother taught me at that moment

After Dr. Xu told me the parents had thrown away the gift, my shock and embarrassment at first was a perfect index of how little I understood the action they did. Dr. Xu sighed softly and said the electric reader was harmful to CHD. And then, we discussed the patient that who needed help. Through this dialogue, I got some information that most the patient that needed help was comes from the inferior city, in which they were less developed and didn’t have enough money and opportunities to do the operation. More seriously, some children even past the best age period for treatment, which means that my ardor and hardworking helped nothing at all, it just like a kind of self-satisfaction and only inspired myself. The family that needed help got no improvement; they were struggling with real issues.

To achieve my original purposes of real assistances, I decided to adjust the operation model of the foundation- to participate more in the-the area of money donation and keep the positive attitude for communicating with the hospital in order to give them a chance to take treatment. Dr. Xu would give us a list of candidates, and helped us evaluate each of the patients to decide whether they needed money donation or operative change. Whenever I went to visit them after surgery, they always kept a smile on the face and full of hope about the future. At that moment, I vaguely smelled the fragrance from my hand.

Only after you understand their demands, then you could help them. Also, charity is not a kind of moving only touched by them. There is a word called SWEDOW(Stuff We Don’t Want) means the donation from the upper class but useless. I finally realized the staring for the ignorance and selfish charity couldn’t save us, also would never save others.“You are not a fish; how do you know what constitutes the requirement of fishes?”

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