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Three Different wedding in China

My brother is going to get married today. I am so happy when I mentioned it. My parents were busy preparing for his dowry. Because my brother would like to have a different wedding, he insisted the dowry should be more meaningful rather than other substances. Both of two families picked an auspicious date as the Betrothal Day for my brother’s wedding. This is a formal meeting between my brother and his fiancee.
Almost afternoon, with the “snapping” sound of fireworks and limousines slowly approaching to the banquet. I and some kids holding saluting guns preemptively blocked the door. I saw my brother was wearing a new suit, his chest pinned a vivid and beautiful flower, was much more poise than I thought; The bride wearing a white dress, holding a bunch of showy flowers in her hands like a fairy. They were walking arm in arm to us leisurely, my brother’s face was filled with a happy smile.
I was seen in a daze, I did not know who shouted “Begin!” first. Streamers and confetti were sprinkled on the bride and groom. Applause, the bride, and groom entered the house with elders blessings!
Banquet began, people are immersed in the wedding and completely enjoyed it.


It was my friend’s wedding. In the morning, she hurried off with me to the auditorium which could contain as much as four hundred people.

To begin with, gentle voice coming from violin made environment beautiful and quiet. I could not figure out whether it was fantasy or reality. The master of ceremonies announced that the bride and groom and their family entered. With holy music and company of her father, the couple walked into the hall slowly but firmly, came to the bridegroom’s side in the presence of all the witnesses. The groom took the bride’s hand from his father, and they both went to the front desk, where there was a priest, praying for them.

The groom gave mom and dad gift flowers, I could also not stop the tears about the scene I saw.


The sky was overcast secretly. We were all nervous cause it was about 5 in the afternoon, but wedding car and the groom had not appeared. The bride could not be more worried, having phone calls frequently with tight eyebrows. Saw the bride like this The bridesmaid hasten sat near her: “ah, don’t worry, be happy, he will come too since you love him, believe him.” Listening to the word of the friend then the bride felt better. Outside the living room, people are already for the groom’s coming. It was getting dark, the groom was coming and people got excited. I stood at the door like a tricky sister, in order to ask my elder sister’s husband for some candy stalls. Finally, the man my sister missing appeared, “handsome man, I will not let you take my sister unless leave candy.” I said. The brother-in-law smiled and an old grandpa walked out of behind him, holding out a big bag, gave to me with courtesy. I had to let them in. After tossing in the night, they finally married and whole people sent their best wishes to this new couple.

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