Silver Linings Playbook

This week I decided to talk about an underrated movie that came out a little while ago, but seems to be getting more attention now. I just watched the film, Silver Linings Playbook, and I have to say I am impressed. I do not know how this movie slipped under the radar of so many people, but I am glad it is being brought to justice now.



I’ll start off by saying that, based on the ads I had seen for this movie, I thought I was going to be seeing a chick flick. I was wrong. This movie is one that is hard to put in any one genre of film. To me, it was mostly a drama with elements of both the melodrama and comedy genres as well. I won’t spoil the plotline, but the movie is about a man named Pat (Bradley Cooper) who is struggling with a mental illness and a hard divorce all at the same time. His entire life went down the drain and he has to struggle with the feelings of wanting get his old life back, while knowing he needs to let everything go and start a new life.


The performances by both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are fantastic.  Both have to play parts of people who are struggling with a mental illness (which I would imagine is not an easy role to act out) and both do a great job. Their acting draws the audience in and makes the audience really care about both characters. Another hidden gem in this movie is the performance by Robert Di Nero. He has a supporting role, but it is impossible to overlook his acting in this film. If you are like me and love anything Di Nero, you need to see this movie.


Overall this was a thought provoking film with a unique and interesting plot line performed by great actors.



Grade: A-


Verdict: They kept it in theaters longer because it took a while to get recognition. Its still in theaters now and you HAVE to see it. Looking for a good new movie to see? This is it.

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  1. I just watched this movie last week and it was great!! My uncle said I had to watch it over Christmas and I totally forgot about it. I was on the plane and it was ranked as a top movie so I thought ‘why not?’ It was amazing and I love a good love story. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it!!

  2. I’ve heard soo many good things about this film! And on top of my main girl J-Lawr winning an Oscar and Bradley Cooper being nominated (I think??) it seems like a very well made movie. I’m a weirdo who doesn’t like to watch movies all that much but I think I’ll make an exception. Hopefully it’ll still be in theaters by Easter when I go home! I’d love to see it.

  3. I loved this movie! I actually went to see it with my grandmother over break (so what if the f-word is dropped every other minute, both of us can handle it). It was not at all what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. I also loved that it was filmed in Havertown, PA, which is where both of my parents grew up. The diner that they go to was my uncle’s favorite spot to eat when he was growing up (my grandmother was so excited!).

  4. I also thought Silver Linings Playbook would be a chick flick – the exact reason I still have not seen it. But with the description you provied, it sounds like an awesome movie and I’m definitely going to see it in the near future. Also, I know the Bradley Cooper is an Eagles fan in the movie, so how could I not see it?

  5. I remember when Silver Linings Playbook came out, I remember everyone from home talking about it because it has that connection to Philly and our beloved sports teams. I was one of those people that had no idea what this movie was about, but I was interested in seeing it because of that connection. Also, I had seen clips of the movie that were great. Jennifer Lawrence did win an Oscar for her acting. Over time I heard more and more praise, and no matter how much I wanted to see it, I couldn’t find time to go to the theaters and see it. So, after watching the Oscars and doing my homework, I set a goal for myself over spring break. I was going to watch Silver Linings and Argo at the least. I watched Argo, but I hadn’t realized that Silver Linings was still in theaters. So now that I’m back at school, I’m hopefully waiting for this movie to come in as one of the late night at the hub movies because I promise you that I will definitely be there!

  6. Unfortunately many people did overlook this film and just brushed it off as the token Rom-Com best picture nomination that didn’t have a pray of winning. However, I’d take this over Lincoln any day. I have to admit it I had very high hopes going into the theater because this is what I would consider to be my type of film; controversial, dangerous, dark, and funny. Going out of the theater I was slightly disappointed, don’t get me wrong it was definitely good, just not as good as I thought it would be. I would agree that the acting makes the movie. Both Cooper and Lawrence give spectacular performances and I felt did an amazing job capturing characters who were subtly mentally ill, which is not an easy thing to pretend to be. Jenn definitively deserved her Oscar. Cooper’s parents were also great and the movie overall was laugh at loud funny at times, and captivating. However, I personally thought that there may have been too many dramatic, tense scenes for me. I realize this is supposed to be a drama but at points it seemed like the uncomfortable yelling and fighting took over the movie. Also, I won’t spoil it, but the ending could have been done way better, the quick tie-up at the end did not amount to the build up the rest of the film was giving it. But regardless, still a great film worthy of anyone’s time.

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