Genomes: Not Just for Biology Anymore

This blog has explored many of the applications of Materials Science and Engineering, and it’s just barely scratched the surface of what there is to offer.  Materials are everywhere, and no field could move forward without them. So, as a country which prides itself on its scientific developments and progress, it makes sense that research […]

MATSE in Medicine?

When you think about Materials Science and Engineering, you probably think about polymers or metals, and even then about broad, unspecific usages like “buildings” or “plastics”.  These classifications are’t wrong, but this field is also so much more.  In every aspect of your life, there is some material that is integral to that task.  Literally […]

Sci-Fi Come to Life

For decades, science fiction in books and movies have captivated audiences worldwide, imagining new worlds and impossible scenarios, and perhaps most interestingly, new technologies.  From Star Wars to Back to the Future, our culture has become obsessed with these fantastical stories.  We may not have lightsabers to fight our battles, or DeLoreans which can take […]

A Study in Contradictions

Materials Science and Engineering is an interesting field because at times it seems to contradict itself.  It combines science, a theoretical field, and engineering, which is all about application.  Materials range from aerogels, the lightest material ever made, to graphene, a single atom-thick sheet of which is 200 times stronger than steel.  The new materials […]

Materials Gone Wild

More than 953,000 species of animals have been described around the world.  From mammals to invertebrates, the characteristics displayed by these species are remarkably diverse.  These organisms often have interesting properties, which can inspire new materials.  Plants can inspire new materials as well, they often have interesting structural or adhesive properties. Maybe the most well-known […]

The Sound of Music

If you’ve ever played a musical instrument for more than a few years, you’ve probably found yourself thinking about an upgrade.  ‘Imagine how good I would be,’ you think to yourself, ‘if only I had that platinum flute instead of this silver coated one.’  You scrimp and you save, maybe for years, and you finally […]

A Tale of Two Hobbies: Part 1

When you think of the future of materials science and engineering, you probably don’t think of origami or canning.  Neither would most people.  I, however, know something that most people don’t, the origin of two amazing materials: metamaterials and aerogels.  Due to space constraints, today’s post will just be about metamaterials, but don’t you worry, […]