Introduction by Madi Murphy

My name is Madi Murphy, I am from Allentown, New Jersey, and I am currently a freshman here at Penn State. My biggest interest in this course is the idea of overpopulation. With the dramatic increase of people every year how long until we either run out of vital resources needed to survive or sanctions and other measures are created to correct this issue before it is too late. We’ve already seen extremely unethical measures taken in China during the One-child Policy, with forced surgical implantations of IUDs and sterilizations in women to attempt to combat this growing issue. Recently, Netflix released a movie titled “What Happened to Monday”, where they portray one possible scenario of what will happen and after watching it you will honestly fear for what is coming in our future. How far will we need to eventually go to solve this problem?

To view the trailer of the movie “What happened to Monday”, click here: 

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  1. sas6841 says:

    Hello Madi,
    Great post! I too am very concerned with overpopulation. The rapid increase within the human species means there is a higher demand for goods. Unfortunately, I do not think that the supply of goods will be able to keep up. This will cause environmental tension and an overall decline in our healthy population.
    Thanks! Sarah Sobel

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