Introductory Blogpost: Colin Murphy

Hi everybody! I’m Colin Murphy and I’m a sophomore studying French Education. I decided to take this class because it sounded interesting (and also because I needed the math credits). When I realized we would be learning about sustainability for the environment in this course, this course hit home for me.

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia, and pollution has long been an issue in our city and the state. Just a few years ago, Virginia was named one of the worst states for toxic waste management (or lack thereof). The James River, which cuts through the heart of Richmond and Central Virginia, has been affected by pollution for decades, with toxins including coal ash, crude oil, and chemicals.

If we can sustain using renewable resources to produce energy in lieu of fossil fuels, then pollution, especially in waterways, is likely to decrease.

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  1. lmg5777 says:

    I might make myself look uninformed when saying this, but I didn’t realize Virginia had issues water pollution and toxic waste management. This is probably due to the fact that I’m not from this region and I think this highlights an important factor in the discussion about sustainability. Since people find it so controversial and it’s not as (for lack of better words) exciting as other news its not covered. In order for change to occur, it needs to be a covered and discussed topic and I thank you for starting that conversation for a non-local.

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