Introductory Blogpost: Kieler Hoffman

Hello everyone, my name is Kieler Hoffman and I am a sophomore studying International Politics and Economics, with a minor in history. Outside of school, I am an enlisted soldier with the Pennsylvania National Guard, where I do intelligence work for aviation units at Ft. Indiantown Gap. In my free time I love to play soccer, or watch games with friends. The picture below is from the Philadelphia Union’s Talen Energy Stadium, whose games I frequent.

I decided to take this class because I am also an avid conservationist and find myself continually curious about the quantitative benefits of small scale conservation. At home a good friend of mine and I have started a local conservation group to try to clean up our local area. It’s just a fledgling organization, however if you’d like to check it out a little bit you can find us on Facebook here! One of the most important issues to me today is the conservation of our freshwater across the globe, and especially in high polluting countries such as ours.

Regardless, I look forward to meeting everyone and hopefully making this class a very successful experience!


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