Introduction Blog Post: Carolyn Arosell

Hello everyone!

My name is Carolyn Arosell and I am from Camp Hill, PA. I am currently a sophomore in the College of Arts and Architecture with an intended major of Art Education. I am taking this class to fulfill my math requirement. However, I am excited that this class is a more practical use of math compared to other courses. I am also interested in this class because I am very passionate about animal rights and conservation of animals. We often forget that we share this planet with not only other people but other species as well. Below is a link to one of my favorite conservation foundations.

Looking forward to the rest of the semester!

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2 Responses to Introduction Blog Post: Carolyn Arosell

  1. Rose Gerber says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    I too am taking this class to fulfill a math requirement. I love animals (especially dogs) as well. I have a miniture dachshund at home who I miss dearly. I like how you are interested in animal rights and the conservation of animals. I cringe at the thought of animals being killed due to “lack of space” for them.

    -Rose Gerber

  2. Maggie Higgins says:

    Hi Carolyn,
    I also am in the college of Arts and Architecture and am interested in animal rights! Although I am taking this class to fulfill my math requirement, I agree with all of your points on the importance of standing up for the rights and hope that we can learn more about how we can help.

    -Maggie Higgins

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