Introduction Blog Post: Hannah Winn

Hi everyone!

My name is Hannah Winn and I am in my 4th year of landscape architecture at Penn State. Growing up rural PA, I was constantly exposed to nature and was aware of the dangers of climate change. This awareness is what led me to choose my major.

The reason I chose to take this course is because I support sustainability and wish to help protect the Earth. One topic that I especially feel is a major sustainability issue is food waste. It is sad how much food is thrown out simply because portion size was too large. I am also a culprit of food waste especially when I go out to eat. Many times I have no idea how much food I actually order. Because of this I either end up stuffing myself or wasting some of what is on my plate.

Overall, through this course, I hope to learn about the numbers behind sustainability in order to better understand climate change. This is something I can relate back to my major.

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