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My name is Kaitlyn Zirrith and I am from Middlesex County in New Jersey. I am a freshman and I am in the School of Communications. I chose this class because it was the class that interested me most when I read the descriptions at orientation. This class interested me because I wanted to ease into my math level my first semester at Penn State and because learning about how to help make the world more sustainable for future generations is important for everyone. A topic that really interests me is the situation of burning and tearing down rain forests around the world to find natural resources or any other reason. I am interested in learning more of the details as to why this happens and ways and strategies that people can take to eventually end this destruction of the planet entirely.

Here is a link that when I read, interested me on this topic:

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  1. jal6318 says:

    I am also very interested in learning about deforestation of our rainforests. I believe that this topic is known, however, it’s not discussed enough. Throughout this class, I hope we’re able to cover that topic much more than it is already. I also really enjoyed your link, as it provided some interested and astounding statistics regarding the deforestation of our rainforest.

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