Introduction: Rose Gerber

Hello everyone! My name is Rose Gerber. I am from Pittsburgh, PA and I am currently a sophomore here at University Park. I decided to take this class because I have become very interested in sustainability after taking a philosophy class on nature. Through the philosophy class, I learned that sustaining our planet is a huge problem that us humans do little about. Specifically, I am interested in farming sustainably. Mass produced meat, vegetables, and fruit is what most of us buy in our supermarkets. However, this is harming our environment drastically. Mass production involves polluting our air and water, and consuming food that is not natural. Also, mass production enables fast food companies, like McDonalds, to sell unhealthy food for a minimum price. I think there is much more to explore in this topic that will surprise many people.

Here is a link that describes what mass production, otherwise referred to as “factory farming”, is. It explains in greater detail what mass production entails. The website,, is also from an organization that is against factory farming. On the website you can donate to the organization, learn more, and get involved.

And here is a photo of where (most) of the chicken you eat is coming from:

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3 Responses to Introduction: Rose Gerber

  1. Molly Mordan says:

    I took an environmental science course last year and I agree that there is so much people don’t know and so much to learn about factory farming and the mass production food industry. This is definitely a sector of our society that needs more attention so the industry can be more sustainable.

  2. gcg5081 says:

    Hey Rose!
    Your post was super interesting for me because this is often an area that many people don’t consider when buying and consuming meat. The mass production that is taking place all over the world is directly contributing to many different environmental problems plaguing the world, and many people don’t even realize it is happening. This is a very interesting side of sustainability, because people frequently just think of recycling or pollution when thinking of sustainability, not food.

  3. Dimitri Tsiavos says:

    Hi Rose, my name is Dimitri Tsiavos and i am a senior. I also took this class because I think sustainability is interesting and an important topic. I took a class on water usage and the amount of water it takes to produce meats and other food products is mind blowing! Both the direct and indirect water usage it takes to eat a steak or even have a glass of wine is concerning. I thought the link you posted was very interesting and concerning. The cruelly to animals that happens on factory farming is disturbing. I look forward to meeting you in class and having a good semester.

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