Introductory Blogpost- Lizzy D’Alonzo

Hey Everyone,

My name is Lizzy D’Alonzo and I am a freshman from around the Philadelphia area. I’m currently in the division of undergraduate studies but I don’t really know what I plan to major in yet. Math has always been challenging for me so I enrolled in this class because my adviser said it would be a good match for me. Also, I liked the idea of this being more than a math class, its learning about helping our earth. I like that I will be able to take something away from this class.

One topic I find interesting is overpopulation. The dramatic increase of people on the earth each year put an immense strain on the earth and its resources, I find this problem to be extremely interesting and necessary to fix. Population growth has been so rapid that there is no real precedent we can turn to for clues about the possible consequences. I’m concerned that even with the great advances in our world today the amount of resources will simply not keep up with the amount of people. Also, I am intrigued with what we will do in order to solve this world-wide problem.

Here I attached an interesting article on overpopulation in our world today.



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  1. Margaret Claire Cochran says:

    I’m also a freshman in the DUS! I also took this class because I’m not a huge math person and I liked the idea of applying mathematics to real world ideas. I haven’t heard much about overpopulation being a problem in a lot of areas so I would be interested to learn more!

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