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Hello, everyone!

My name is Catie Lazorka and I am pursuing a major in Nutritional Sciences. I come from a small town in PA where everybody knows everybody, and I am proud to say that I am one of very few who chose to branch out and attend a large university. While I love Penn State and I could not be happier with my decision, I have formed a few opinions about my major that happen to be related to this course.

In the Nutritional Sciences major, we are taught wonderful, useful information about how our body digests food, the processes that have to occur in order to utilize that food for energy, the different components of food and what choices to swap in order to make healthier decisions, and so on. We are also taught about the government’s recommendations and the common ailments of our time – the leading being coronary artery disease (better known as heart disease). What we are not taught, however, is that this disease does not have to be our nation’s number one killer because it is preventable through a healthy, plant-based diet and other lifestyle choices. Just like heart disease, other chronic diseases and certain cancers can be prevented or reversed by consuming a plant-based diet.

That’s not all a plant-based diet can do though! It also is a much better way to decrease our carbon footprint and reduce water usage. That is why I’m taking this course – to gain the skills needed to show others that reducing our consumption of animal products is not only beneficial for our health but the health of the environment as well.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about sustainable energy and renewable resources and how to compare the different angles of these choices, like the energy and water needed to do x versus y. I have a feeling some choices may seem more environmentally sound but actually aren’t, and learning the skills needed to calculate such details is something I am really excited about!

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  1. Margaret Claire Cochran says:

    I did a project my senior year of high school on plant based diets and found out how much it prevents heart disease and our earth! I think it is super interesting and that more people should be aware of the benefits of it, considering many focus on the negative aspect. I am currently a vegetarian which has health benefits and helps the earth, but I think it would be awesome to eventually switch to a plant based diet!

    • ccl5185 says:

      That’s awesome that you’re a vegetarian! I love meeting other people who share those values. I think more people should talk about it because we’ve all heard of renewable resources and other common ways to cut down on energy and waste, but not many people realize that their food choices are unsustainable. I would love to talk to you about going full vegan & plant-based if you really are interested! It’s what I’m studying and I can show you some extremely helpful resources and tips as well as share my own personal advice!

  2. emm5936 says:

    Hey Catie! I love your viewpoint on how each individual can reduce waste by regulating our diets and choosing the natural route. So many people do not look at what we eat as a means to reduce pollution, so this is a refreshing outlook. If we reduce the amount of food used and therefore wasted we can continue sustainability. Hopefully we will discuss this topic further in class!

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