Dave VanLandingham Introductory Post

Hello All,

My name is Dave VanLandingham. I am a 26 year old 4th year architecture student born and raised in the Central Pennsylvania region. I transferred into architecture (5 year major) after 2 years of studying engineering but then a year and a half into the architecture program, I withdrew from Penn State to travel. I traveled to many National Parks and National Forests around the country and spent a winter as a ski bum living in Lake Tahoe, CA. I returned to Penn State in the fall of 2015 to finish my degree.

I am interested in this class for a number of reasons. Evidently I have a love for the outdoors and I want to see nature and the environment conserved and managed in the most sustainable ways possible to preserve our planet. More specifically, my interest in sustainability stems from my passion for architecture and construction. I’ve always had an interest in wood construction and would like to see the building industry transition from concrete and steel to heavy timber in small and medium scale buildings because of the environmental benefits of building with wood versus concrete and steel. I want to learn more about  sequestration and the ability for trees to absorb carbon which they store until they burn or decay.

Here is a link about Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and innovative building material which can be used as an alternative to steel and concrete.

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3 Responses to Dave VanLandingham Introductory Post

  1. Erin Brennan says:

    Hi, Dave!
    I think it’s really awesome that you took time off of school to travel to different National Parks/Forests. I also love and appreciate nature, and I think your idea for the building industry to change from concrete to wood is awesome. It’s inspiring that you want to use your career in Architecture to support our environment!

  2. gcg5081 says:

    Hey Dave!
    You seem to really love the outdoors, which makes this class a perfect fit! I can completely relate to switching majors, and I also switched out of engineering. Your love for architecture and construction seems to complement the pursuit of sustainability extremely well, and might be extremely beneficial for problem-solving in terms of environmental issues. I’d never heard of CLT, so reading about it was extremely interesting! That’s also a super cool picture!!!

  3. Zachary Strevig says:

    Hello Dave! That’s quite an interesting background you have, and I’m very happy you decided to travel and experience the world! I would love to do the same someday.

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