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Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Nolan and I am returning to Penn State for my Sophomore year in the Nursing program. I come from a small town in Butler County, Pa that thrives off the thrills of football season. When I first saw this class listed, it got me thinking about how industry has impacted my hometown and the Allegheny river that we live on. Thinking this class will only help me view the real issues underlying my town, I wanted to take this to better my impact on the world and environments that surround me.

Below is a picture of a beautiful strip-mine pond on the property we own, and the link below touches on the issues Pittsburgh rivers have had in the recent years with pollution due to the laziness of the human race. Though it may be an inconvenience to you, still make the effort to dispose of your waste in the proper manner.

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  1. zml5135 says:

    Hey Kyle,

    I am also from the Pittsburgh area, living just outside downtown. It seems to be a staple of Western PA to not always have the cleanest bodies of water. I know that the creek that runs into the Allegheny river I fished at as a kid has recently changed colors to an orange clay like color. This is due to the vast runoff from an abandoned coal factory. I have wondered if this class will provide any insight into how much runoff would be required to change an entire body of waters color.

  2. Dimitri Tsiavos says:

    Hi Kyle, my name is Dimitri Tsiavos and I am a senior. I took this class because i am also interested in sustainability and look forward to learning more about sustainability throughout the semester. The picture you posted looks beautiful and it looks like the area you are from is very scenic. I thought the link you posted was interesting and scary. It is crazy how we can pollute our own rivers and water supplies and something must be done to change what is happening right now.

  3. jqh5435 says:

    Hello Kyle,
    I am Julian. Interestingly enough, I am in a design studio class to help build the green infrastructures in Larimer, PA which is in the greater Pittsburgh area. We are investigating the storm water and excess runoff and making calculations with GIS data. There are pollutants with lead contamination running from old households to the rivers and to the greater watershed area. Our hydrology resources is still very vulnerable to the human influences. Thanks for sharing!

  4. ajp5960 says:

    Hi Kyle,
    That is a very nice area of property you have near you! I am from Houston where there isn’t too much nature like that, but that is very cool. I am also interested in how pollution affects rivers that are around us.

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