Introductory Blog Post

Hello my name is Anton Piskovatskov I am a junior this year. The reason why I am taking this class is because I need to take one more math for my major and I am interested in environmental issues. I think a topic that I am interested is one we kind of talked about in class already which is how the ice is melting in certain parts of the world. Another fun fact about me is I am on the fencing team!

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2 Responses to Introductory Blog Post

  1. djc5722 says:

    Hey Anton! Interesting topic, I actually chose to discuss pollution and how it is one of the main contributing factors to global warming. If we can reduce these pollutants, we can maybe see reverse effects and perhaps slow down the rapid melting glaciers.

  2. Joey Balawajder says:

    Hey Anton! Like you, I am also a junior and needed to take a math course for my requirements. I also feel that this course is the perfect math course to take if you are interested in environmental issues as we can apply a lot of what we’re learning to real-world situations. Best of luck to you this semester!

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