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Hi everyone:)

My name is Rachel Chang(and my Chinese name is Yu-Tzu, Chang ) I am from Taiwan , and this is my first year in Penn State, so apparently I am a freshmen. I am actually not a math person, but unfortunately I still need to take the math course. Since I was little, I just don’t understand how math is related to our daily life? Of course, we need addition or subtraction, but, for example, when we are buying something in the supermarket, we won’t need any other math such as trigonometric function. So when I see Penn State have provided this course, which is actually related to our real life, I find it very excited.



One topic that I find it interesting, which related to sustainability, is actually a video from TED. Talking about what other method we can take after people die. Most people nowadays choose cremation as a result, because it is much cheaper and convenient. However, this speaker provides us another solution to rethink what our family can do after we die. Hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂

here is the link:





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  1. Madi Murphy says:

    Hi Rachel! I chose to comment on your post because I could really relate. I too find math boring and hard to relate to real life. That is why I chose this class because you can directly see how it is used in real world scenarios. I also enjoy your link. Its really a win-win. Its a great way to end your life and legacy and also great for the environment.

  2. jmd5898 says:

    Hi Yu-Tzu, yeah, I’m also not a math person which is why I was glad to take this course. I am also very interested in the ideas of what to due with green burials. Since cremation and traditional burials aren’t really a good long term plan I think it is important to think about these things. While many of the options now are more expensive, they are still comparable to traditional burials and a great way to took at better, greener options.

  3. Lauren Elizabeth Jardine says:

    I feel the same way about math. I don’t really feel the need to know it when it’s so theoretical. I like that this course is applicable to our world and daily lives.

  4. kac6145 says:

    Hello Rachel! I’ve actually seen that TED talk before and found it really interesting. I also took this course because it relates to our everyday lives. It’s nice to know about the environment and how we affect it.

  5. kvm5732 says:

    Hey Rachel that TED talk was so interesting! I don’t like the idea of being buried so I think being ‘recomposed’ is awesome

  6. Anthony Gregory Carr says:

    Hey rachel ,I think your chinese name is very unique also. I found your opinion on us not using math in our every day life very intriguing. Me personally I feel like most of what we do in school will rarely correlate to our daily life but that’s neither here or there. I also took this course because it relates to real life unlike some other courses. I look forward to learning alot during this course and would not mind meeting you and bouncing ideas off one another

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