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Hi Everyone! My name is Maddie and I am a senior and am a communications major. I live in North Jersey and love to be outdoors. I also love to travel with my family and just went to my 36th and 37th country this past summer. I am taking this class because while I did need another GQ, it interested me that it is not your typical math class. I am super interested in learning more about sustainable travel. Because I’ve been lucky enough to travel so much, I have seen firsthand the impact of tourism on other countries. It interests me to gain knowledge on economic development and the growth of other countries, specifically impoverish ones. Here is an interesting article I found by the New York Times about sustainable travel. Lastly, I’ve attached a picture below of myself at Rainbow Mountain in Peru this past summer! I hiked for five to days to see this colorful mountain range produced by the weathering of sedimentary mineral layers. 


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  1. Lauren Jardine says:

    Hey Maddie! I’m in the class for most of the same reasons as you. All of your travels sound really cool and enriching. I’d love to make it to as many countries as you one day.

  2. Lauren Jardine says:

    Hey Maddie! I’m in this class for a lot of the same reasons as you. All of your traveling sound really cool and enriching. I’d love to make it to as many countries as you have one day.

  3. Ashanti Joi Rubin says:

    Wow! I really enjoyed reading this! My name is Ashanti Rubin, I am also a COMM major and I also am from New Jersey. I too love to travel, and this summer I went to Paris and Amsterdam with my mom and sister and had the time of my life. Although I am taking this class as a GQ requirement, I am ready to see what I can get out of it. Learning about sustainable travel is something I am interested in, especially due to my love for traveling the world!

  4. Jolynn Marie Harper says:

    Hi Maddie! I think that your interest in sustainable travel is really different and seems super interesting! The picture that you posted is also super neat!

  5. kac6145 says:

    Hi Maddie! I also took this class because I’m interested in looking at math in a different way. It’s cool that you’ve done so much traveling. I’ve only ever been to Disney World and that’s it. Also, it will be enjoyable to hear about sustainable travel!

  6. Yu-Tzu Chang says:

    Hi Maddie, I just wanna say that it is really nice that you have so many opportunities to travel around the world, and the picture when you are at the rainbow mountain seems so beautiful , even makes me wanna go to Peru.

  7. kvm5732 says:

    Hey Maddie, that is so cool that you’ve been to 37 countries! I’ve never left the U.S but I hope to study abroad this summer! What was your favorite country you’ve ever been to?

  8. riley says:

    Hi im Riley! I also took this class for the same reasons as you! I was not interested in a regular math class. I also travel everywhere with my family and its my favorite thing to do. I enjoyed reading your post!

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