Kevin McInerney Introductory Post

Hey everyone, my name is Kevin McInerney, I’m from Boston, and I’m a senior. In my free time I enjoy playing sports and hanging out with my friends. I’m taking this class because sustainability is something that I’m interested in and I think will be useful moving forward. A topic involving sustainability that I know a fair amount about are carbon footprints. Here is a link to an article that I came across that provides a definition of what a carbon footprint is, as well as some useful unit conversions.


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  1. Erin Kraeher says:

    Hi Kevin, interesting topic! Carbon footprints are so important to be aware of because everyone leaves something behind even if we are being extremely conscious. It’s our legacy that we leave on the earth and that could be good, but for most it’s negative. There’s only so much we can do to clean up the earth after we have trampled on it. Last year, I took a quiz on how big my carbon footprint is and found out that if everyone lived the way I did we would need 1.75 worlds to sustain us. That’s nuts! So since then I have been much more conscious with what I buy, where I drive instead of walk, etc. It’s good to be conscious of your own emissions because everyone always says “well there’s nothing I can do, I’m only one person.” Which may be true, but there’s no reason to be a part of the problem either

  2. Dimitri Tsiavos says:

    Hi Kevin, my name is Dimitri Tsiavos and I am also a senior. I think carbon footprints is an important and interesting topic as well. This is a topic that needs to be discussed more often and with enough effort I believe we can be the generation to truly make a change. I try to keep my carbon footprint low buy recycling and and walking to class instead of driving and being aware of my water usage. I liked the link you uploaded and thought it had a lot of useful information. I look forward to meeting you in class and having a good semester.

  3. jqh5435 says:

    Hello Kevin,
    Thank you for sharing the website for information regarding carbon footprint. I am a landscape architecture major. It would be very interesting to integrate the concept of carbon footprints into some educational park designs for the public. This way people would be more conscious about their actions, which could contribute to effects on the environment.

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