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Homies! My name is Lauren and I’m a sophomore here at Penn State. I enrolled in this class because I have heard good things about it and because sustainability has recently become an interest of mine. Also, I find that when math is less theoretical and is applicable to my life I better grasp it and am far more interested.

Near my home in New York is the living place of the Lenape Native Americans. In the 60’s Ford Motor Company dumped tons and tons of lead paint near the water shed that is the Lenape’s main source of water. As a result of this many of these people have gotten cancer and other illnesses including a man named Chuck Stead. Stead, a friend of my brothers and a teacher from my school led the fight that got Ford to clean the area in the last year as well as make some amends to the community affected. My brother was heavily involved in tis fight and learning about it through him and Chuck Stead, and seeing in a friend the horrible repercussions of Fords actions sparked my interest in a healthier and cleaner environment. I am TAing an environmental science class and that, along with this class are growing my understanding of the issues at hand and ways of helping to solve them.

Here’s a link to an article better explaining the Ford Motor Company situation¬†

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4 Responses to Lauren Jardine – Intro Blog Post

  1. zwl5178 says:

    That dog is so cute. What breed is him/her?

  2. Colin Morrissey Murphy says:

    I’m also interested in learning how sustainability has positive effects on the environment. Pollution is a major issue that will be helped by using renewable sources of energy.

    Also, your dog is adorable!

  3. Claire Talley says:

    That is so interesting that you were so closely involved in a socially relevant conflict between major corporation and indigenous people. Very cool!

  4. jmd5898 says:

    Wow, that is really interesting. So what kind of things did your brother do to fight for this issue? Have there been any changes? Pollution and dumping of chemicals is something we don’t hear enough about until it really becomes a problem and is brought to light so I’m glad that this issue is getting attention.

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