Intro to Katri Randall

Hi. I am Katri Randall. I am a  sophomore  in communications and I have lived in State College most of my life. I took this class because I needed a GQ and I think it will be interesting learning about sustainability in the environment. I am interested in learning about changes in the tides and how to make the way I live more sustainable. This is a photo from a  trip to Mexico I took over the summer, in Mexico the water quality is poor and people can only drink from plastic water bottles. I am interested to learn if there is a way to change that.

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  1. kbm5300 says:

    Hey Katri! I’m taking this class for pretty much the same reasons that you are. Learning about the changes in the tides sounds pretty interesting and is something I have hardly thought about. I should probably make my lifestyle more sustainable, as well. Despite the fact that you said the water quality was poor when you visited, the water you are swimming in looks decent. That’s crazy that the people there can only drink from plastic water bottles. That probably leads to some waste.

  2. mpc5424 says:

    Hi Katri! I too am a communications major! I think we’re taking this class for the same reasons. I love the photo you posted it’s so artsy. I didn’t know that Mexico has such poor water, thanks for sharing that fact

  3. kac6145 says:

    Hello Katri! My friend also went to Mexico and told me about the water bottles. So I’m curious, too. I like that this class relates to things in our lives. It isn’t just plain old math problems.

  4. Trenton Quinn Wright says:

    Hi Katri, I am also taking this class to satisfy a GQ and i am also a communications major. I went on a cruise two summers ago and stopped in Cozumel mexico, while we were there many people alerted us not to drink the water due to the chance it could be contaminated. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Yu-Tzu Chang says:

    hi Katri, I think the reason for everybody to take this course is almost the same, but it is still interesting to know how math is going to related to our daily life. I can’t imagine that Mexican people can only drink from plastic water bottle, because in my home country, we can drink simply from the faucet.

  6. Zachary Strevig says:

    Hi Katri! I’m also interested in learning about the environment, and how I specifically impact it in day to day life. That’s a powerful fact about Mexico’s water issues, and I find it striking. I can only imagine having the amount of plastic that goes through, as well as the impact the poor water has on the wildlife in that area.

  7. Anthony Gregory Carr says:

    Hey Katrina , my friend took a trip to mexico over the summer and told me about how he was nervous about drinking the water and could only drink from bottles just like you. On another note I am undecided far as my major goes but communications is at the top of my list I would be delighted to speak to you about the major and the pros and cons about taking the major

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