In the News: From Heat Waves to Hurricanes: What We Know About Extreme Weather and Climate Change

This article that was published in the New York Times describes how the recent weather events such as hurricanes and heat waves have effected the United States in various ways. The article states how these recent events have raised the question of if climate change is to blame or not. The extreme heat that places such as Los Angeles have been seeing represents the hallmark of global warming. The average temperatures have been shifting up, and each ‘hot day’ is seeming hotter and hotter. This extreme heat is having a negative effect on a lot of things, especially crop yields. Heavy rainfall has been another issue, especially for places in the Northeast and Midwest. Scientists have found that an increase in greenhouse gas emissions has lead to an increase in this precipitation. Even if it seems odd, this article explains how global warming leads to both increased precipitation and droughts, at the same time. As told in the article, warmer temperatures leads to drier soil. This also causes forest fires, which feed off of the dry ground. The last event discussed in the article is hurricanes. Climate change leads to more powerful hurricanes. Hurricanes are rare events, however when they happen, they are capable of doing a lot of damage.

The events and topics that are discussed in this article relate very well to what we have been discussing in class. The actual weather events all have a different effect on the environment, which would also effect what we have been discussing in class. In class, we have talked about energy, water, and recycling. All of the above water events will effect all of these things, whether you would establish the connection right away or not. Energy will be effected because the aftermath of most of these events will lead to a loss in energy. The water in a society will also be effected. It could either be damaged or polluted or people could lose access to it. In terms of recycling, if serious weather events are occurring, citizens won’t be so as worried about their recycling habits. This article does a great job of illustrating events that have happened in our society that also relates to the topics we have been discussing in class.

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