In the News: Plastic Pollution in our oceans

In this article titled “People’s love of the seas could be the key for plastic pollution” published by the Science Daily goes on to explore how we humans, can reduce the amount of plastic pollutants that end up in our oceans. Every year, “More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year” according to the This has become an epidemic within our oceans, they’re not only filled with plastic bottles, but they’re filled with plastic bags, soda bottles, straws and some plastic medical supplies from hospitals that wash alongside our shores and into the ocean. This has been deemed an epidemic by Ecowatch because plastic bottles contain chemicals known as BPA which imitate the body’s role of normal functioning hormones according to Science Daily. These chemicals are harmful because they can almost cause a hormone imbalance when a mass amount of BPA is released into the water. Being that their is over 8 million tons of plastic found in our oceans a year, it is hard for certain plastics to decompose and can take anywhere from 20-450 years for certain plastics to completely decompose.

So how can we humans reduce these plastic pollutants in our oceans, Science Daily suggests using fear appeals such as “if powerful images were carried on everyday products, similar to that already being used on cigarette packaging,” this could possibly frighten consumers about the importance of recycling. Although, this sort of approach would not be an efficient way to display the severity of the plastic pollution issue, but it is certainly a good way to present the information to individuals who are unaware. There are solutions and ways to reduce the harmful effects in our oceans. There are monthly volunteer opportunities in certain geographical locations and individuals can volunteer at beach cleanups.

In conclusion, if we love our beaches and want to ensure that our health and well being is not being jeopardized, individuals would volunteer and reduce the plastic being dumped into our oceans every year.…56386.59058.0.59529.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..2.4.594…0i22i30k1j0i8i30k1.0.HD2T7P3CBHA….0…1..64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.mPXuP4CE3dM

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