The New Economy of Excrement

As humans, we are constantly relieving ourselves of waste. Now take every person in a region and think of the amount of faecal matter that is produced. Most of us know that our waste is flushed down the toilet and in then resides in a sewage plant for some time, but what most of us don’t know is that there is actually value to our feces. If you think about how much we consume, keeping the idea of scarcity in mind, the fact that our waste is renewable could be very beneficial in making a more sustainable world.

Pivot is a facility in Rwanda that specializes in the treatment and recycling of human waste. Unlike the United States, the people of Rwanda do not experience the luxury of state of the art treatment facilities, and therefore are exposed to sanitation problems. Pivot founder Ashley Muspratt, believes there is a profitable solution in improving the sanitation facilites in the country.

Rather than let tanks become overflowed over time, Muspratt and co. have devised a solution in not just putting the waste somewhere else, but putting it to a more sustainable use. The use of fertilizer as fuel has been a sustainable concept for some time, but the minds at pivot have been using “sludge” in more ways than that, using it for things such as plant growth and building materials. The use of our waste in this way is something that could be of much help to people less fortunate than us, and could pave the way for a more sustainable future.


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