“Mathematics predicts a Sixth Mass Extinction”

This article is about a discovery scientists have made while studying the carbon cycle and the 5 mass extinction events. They found that if a certain threshold is exceeded than that will lead to a very unstable environment. It goes on to explain that this event wouldn’t happen overnight and would take time.

The scientist used math to study the carbon cycle and use his findings to work out what was happening. At one point he even made his own mathematical formula. This formula was meant to help him see if mass extinction or some other catastrophe would occur.

At the end he gives a quote that says, “There should be ways of pulling back [emissions of carbon dioxide]. But this work points out reasons why we need to be careful, and it gives more reasons for studying the past to inform the present.”

This relates to our class because he used math to figure out something that’s very important in the environment. Also, it’s important that we stay informed about these things because it’s our planet.

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