A Warmer World

The article “Stark Evidence: A Warmer World Is Sparking More and Bigger Wildfires,” mainly speaks on the severity of climate change and wild fires. It states that there is a direct correlation between the two, climate change, and wildfires, saying that as the world “…continues to warm, there will be greater risk for fires on nearly every continent.” Although yes, forest wild fires are completely natural, the ones that occur now-a-days are not. The article mentions that the extent of these fires, and how often they occur are due to human involvement. The writers use the term “man-worsened,” in that the people in todays society, the ones contributing to global warming, have made forest fires, “… more and more overwhelming,” (Mike Flannigan, director of the wild-land fire partnership at the University of Alberta) Countries are now experiencing the most horrific wild fires in recent years, all because of the increase in temperature all across the world.

Although forest fires may not seem like a big issue because it doesn’t happen around me personally, the drastic change in the climate is causing dramatic changes all over the world that could potentially affect me. In Canada, the chance of having an extreme wildfire is almost two times more likely. The recent human caused warming has been responsible for the increased dryness of the western part of the country, making it almost 100% more likely for more and more of the forest to get burned. When these fires burn, more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere, and due to the smoke in the air, there is a chance that it can effect the health of the people around the area. We don’t always think about this, how the smoke released from these fires can affect us but its very, very harmful.

No one considers forrest fires a big deal, especially if you don’t live in a location where they occur, but this is a serious deal. To know that human interaction and involvement has caused this to happen, shows how careless, and reckless we are to our own Earth. These issues where not even considered that big of a deal until humans came in and little by little started causing global warming. Now, there are forrest fires that are spreading across the world, and the warming the earth gets, the worse they become.

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