In The News #2: The hidden health dangers of flooding

In this article, from CNN, the author highlighted the health risks with flooding.  After the speaker in class, it really got me wanting to learn more about flooding and how it affects people. As someone who was affected by flooding in their life this is a very important topic to me.  With the recent increase of flooding from hurricanes throughout the United States, the knowledge of how flooding works in area, what it does to people and how it can cause other problems than loss of property is interesting and important.  In this article, they talk about in many other nations how disease is very prevalent for people who are in a flood.  Different viruses are carried through the water and any kind of wound can become even more infected by coming into contact with this water.  Just as the speaker in class talked about, water from flooding carries around lots of chemicals and sewage, which is bound to carry disease a long with it.  It is also an issue because with big floods there is also the likely hood that individual will from large groups in shelters and such to get away from the storm. While this is good the article does warn how easy it is in these cases for our immune system to become compromised and we are in close quarters to so many germs.  The article warns that this water in not only not safe to our immune system but just the contamination is an issue for so many people.  Another thing the article talks about is how this state not only makes it easy for more diseases to come to individuals but also the amount of stress and mental exhaustion that these losses have on people. The stress of losing one’s home, being a refugee, not having basic needs met and being displaced are all strong leading factors that lead to mental illness also taking hold.  While here in America, so many of these issues of diseases and illnesses are easily managed that is not the case in many places.  Having the access to be able to even clean up after an event like this is hard because of some of the levels of contamination that this kind of disaster has.  As we talked about this in class I think there can be more done in this way.  I believe that while this cleaning is able to happen, it can be really hard for many after they lose their homes and livelihoods. With the increase of flooding that is happening all over the planet, including here in America, and the lack of real knowledge as to what is going to happen in the future it is very hard to move forward for so many.  I think more articles such as this that can help get information out to individuals to stay safe and clean is important.

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