Write and Respond 2 – Kyle Nolan

Kyle Nolan

Russ DeForest

Math 33

3 December, 2017



            Coming into this class, I didn’t exactly know what to expect. Being honest, I took this class looking to fulfill my General Quantitative credits and get out of math as soon as possible. After spending the first couple weeks in the class, I realized it is much more than a math class, but it also touches on many moral concepts regarding our concerns for the environment. What stuck out to me the most was the topic of clean energy through a Case Study in class. It touched on the subject of wind power and what may be a viable solution and what may not.

Being 100 percent clean energy is a long way away for the United States as a whole, but for California, they’re setting the bar to become the first 100 percent clean energy state [Scientific n.pag]. Clean energy can be all from solar, wind power, hydropower, geothermal, and ocean current; but is hard to mass produce the energy for an entire state using only small sources such as these. The bottom line is that while clean energy is great, we need some of our population to look into cleaner forms of energy use each day.

Because of this class, I now take much more concern about my impact on the environment when regarding energy use. I have considered uses from solar and wind to power my home in the future, and I have made it a point to talk about my concern about clean energy with my family and friends. Looking more specifically into wind power, I was intrigued by a case study when I was told that people were being paid yearly by the government for energy given by wind turbines. Though the cost is big to make them and start using them, the return is clean energy for you and your surrounding area, all while getting money back in the end.

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Wind turbines work like an inverse fan, where electricity creating wind becomes wind creating electricity [Energy n.pag]. These turbines can be grouped up into a wind farm, which make differences on a large scale for the electricity grid, or you can use smaller turbines for uses around the house. When the numbers are broken down, in 2013 over 4% of the United States population used wind power for their homes, proving this is a reliable and upcoming source, as it has been growing at 25 percent each year since then [awea n.pag]. Once this form of energy is spread, we can innovate and grow this to an extent that makes California’s goal possible.

Morally, after taking this class, I feel as if it’s our duty as a generation to change into the clean energy era, not only for us but the future generations to come. I plan in the future to become as much of an advocate of this as possible, even if my future career has nothing to due with these environmental debates. I highly recommend this class to my friends, I believe that is a class that should be required for everyone, at least a class that challenges our beliefs and ways we view the world.






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2 Responses to Write and Respond 2 – Kyle Nolan

  1. Jonathan Olujimi Demi Ajayi says:

    I agree with you. I think it is very important that we switch into clean energy sources like Wind energy or solar energy. I do feel more research needs to be done and more people need to be more aware of these potions so our culture can change. We have to follow california’s example and take advantage of natural sources of energy. I think we should especially take advantage of hydroelectric energy because there is an abundance of water and it is so close to us.

  2. Erin Brennan says:


    I took this class to finish my math requirement as well and for the most part, was unaware of what exactly the course would pertain to. It was interesting to learn about the many aspects the class covered, especially when talking about renewable energy. I think that wind turbines are a great invention to aid our country in efforts to create clean energy. Although they are expensive to install like you mentioned, I believe if wealthier people such as celebrities were more aware of the benefits that wind turbines provide, they could easily invest in them and construct a better atmosphere for themselves/others around them, and even earn money back. Since you said it was evolving into an upcoming source of energy in people’s homes, advocating for it could be a really rewarding experience, and inspiring to those who want to make a positive change in our environment. I enjoyed reading your W&R2 because unlike a lot of issues within environmental sustainability, using wind turbines to create clean energy can be highly achievable, if people are willing to listen to the advantages, and help advance installation of turbines.

    Good job!

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