Write and Respond 2: Learned about Floods

One thing i found very interesting whir taking this class was leaning about floods and the problems that come with floods. I have always been interested in sustainability and climate change but was not aware of what a urgent problem flooding is. In class we discussed some of the problems that are associated with flooding. One of the problems associated with flooding that stood out to me was what happens to the property valve of houses that are built in flood prone areas. The property value of houses built in a flood prone are are dropping dramatically. Flood insurance’s extremely expensive and in order to afford proper insurance, the taxes in these areas are absurdly high, bringing the property value way down. People that live in these flood prone areas and not able to sell their houses now and can not afford to stay in their house with taxes going way up to provide insurance against floods. This is just one of the tremendous problems associated with flooding.

Another major problem associated with flooding is the environmental costs that come with floods. Floods cause chemicals and other toxins to get into our water supply and contaminate it. Flooding has effected nuclear power plants in Japan causing massive contamination problems in that area. Floods also effect the environment through the killing of animals. Floods effect the food chain by destroying habitats and distorts the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Human deaths are also a major concern when it comes to flooding. Whether is a tsunami, hurricane, or flash flood, history has shown that these natural disasters can cause thousands of humans to die in a very short period of time. Injury is a serious problem that comes with flooding as well. Although not as horrific as death, many people are injured by these natural disasters everyday. When a flood occurs in an place where people live, the flood can carry harmful debris that causes death and serious injury in many people.

Learning about floods and the problems associated with flooding was very interesting to me. Although climate change is a very serious problem that has increased the problem of floods, floods are a very urgent problem affecting people right now. I believe many people do not want todo something about climate change right now is because they believe it is a problem for future generations to handle. Although i disagree with that, it is easy to see how someone can make that argument. Floods on the other hand, are a much more urgent problem because millions of people are affected by floods today. It is not a problem for future generations to handle, but a problem that must be dealt with now. The urgency of this problem is what caught my attention and is the reason i chose to discuss it today. I was so shocked to see the numbers of how many people are affected by floods and how many people will be affected by floods within ten years if action is not taken. Studies have shown that nearly half of the United States Population will be affected by flooding within ten years if action to correct or help the problem is not taken immediately.


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