Write and Respond 2: Reflective Writing Assignment


Throughout this course, I found out that this course is very helpful and meaning  for following reasons.

First, this course helps me to realize how does the small things can change our life, for example if you change the Incandescent  bulb to LED lights, this little act can save 35 $ for a month and saved 450 $ dollars for a year, 900 Kw energies will be saved in a year.  Besides, this course challenged my mind in some point, before that I thought the dishwasher is wastewater than hand wash, however, according to the database, it shows that using hand wash is going to cost 150 gallons a week, but dish wash is just spent 70 gallons a week.  I also learnt from the blog that pollution is more deadly than smoking and obesity, 9 million people died prematurely from pollution-related diseases in 2015, accounting for 16% of all deaths worldwide. Which is very awful. Database and science will tell you the truth.

Second, this course allows me start to aware the sustainability issue. This course helps me to realize that what kind of environment issues that we are facing and how should we do to deal with those environmental problem. Like Beijing air pollution is very severe and how to solve that problem is crucial.  Also, there are a lot of other issues still exist, glacial melting, California wildfire, water pollution, etc. I think the purpose of this class is to act some changes in our behavior; there are still a lot of problems existing in the environment. Waiting for the people like us to solve it.

Third, this course lets me learn a lot of different type of mathematic problems.  In this course we learned about 7 chapter, but I feel like we learn lot, each week we learn about the various thing and different way to solve the mathematic problem , but what I think is that what we leant is very useful, which I can actually apply to my real life, like scientific notation,  how to calculate the global water supply, stock flow model, math tic type setting, equilibrium, exponential model, logarithm, expected value and discounting, etc. those mathematic calculate extend my knowledge.

This course effect globally, not just United States, but also Asia, African, Europe. Sustainability issues are a worldwide issue; we need to be aware of the environment change, not just focus on our hometown, we should concentrate on everywhere, because the earth is a whole, if one part of it suffered the damage, the other would be affected too.

What am I going to do is that I will also influence the people who around me like my friend and my family tell them about the sustainability, and suggest them to change a little bit, just like using the dish wash instead of hand, turning the indecent bulb to LED, using shower instead of bath, a little bit will change a lot.

To sum up, this course helps me to focus on the social, environmental issues, not only let me learn how to calculate the mathematics but also let me focus on the daily life, I think this course is meaningful, and I will suggest more and more people take this course.



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