Write and Respond 2-Sam Cini

As someone who has taken some classes in my previous semesters that deal with topics of sustainability, it was sometimes hard to grasp the magnitude surrounding these topics and issues. Math 33 was able to allow me and my fellow students get a grasp on the numbers and statistics surrounding the various occurrences in our life that have ties to some form of sustainability.

I believe I had a relatively clear understanding of things that effect sustaining our environment and ecosystems, but I hadn’t learned a lot about the financial sustainability. One of the lessons I remember being intrigued with was the one about the future values of property in various scenarios. I liked this because I had never really thought of how the probability of something occurring could cause such a drastic change in the future value of an item

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4 Responses to Write and Respond 2-Sam Cini

  1. Lindsey Goodrich says:

    I completely agree with you when it comes to understanding the immensity of the issues we re usually speaking about when it comes to sustainability. Usually these concepts are spoken about in terms far larger than human terms and makes it difficult to conceptualize and, as you pointed out, taking this class has allowed many to be able to understand the value of these numbers. Also as you pointed out, it does allow some one to apply it to their own lives and be able to really understand it better.

  2. Trenton Quinn Wright says:

    I also think i now have a relatively clear understanding of things that effect our environment. I have also had classes with terms and topics that seem to big to grasp. I think by taking a math class that is relative to science allows for all of us to at least understand why it is happening. I also like what you said about something occurring now could cause such a drastic change in the future. To me that is a very intriguing yet scary concept to grasp.

  3. kvm5732 says:

    I feel the same way in regards to sustainability and financial stability! My Write and Respond 2 was about sustainable energy, like solar panels, which is not only great for the environment but it can boost the economy as well! I don’t think people realize how much money sustainable energy saves consumers and helps the job market!

  4. Colin Morrissey Murphy says:

    I felt the same way when I started taking this class. I didn’t really understand just how massive these issues are on a global scale. Taking this class helped frame the issues into terms I could understand more easily.

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