Write and Respond #2

At the beginning of the semester, I believed in climate change but was not fully aware of how serious it is or the ways people are trying to prevent it from getting worse. Between the lessons taught in class and speakers’ presentations throughout the semester, I realized that climate change is a very real thing and how imperative it is to take it seriously. Learning about what contributes to the climate change in our world was something I found interesting. I thought that greenhouse gases only meant carbon dioxide but learning that there were other gases such as water vapor, which contributes to 70% of greenhouse emissions, and methane, which contributes to 5%, on top of carbon dioxide was eye opening. Water vapor surpasses carbon dioxide in how much it contributes to the total of greenhouse emissions. Carbon dioxide is only 20% of the problem and is a direct human effect. Usually when I would hear about greenhouse gases, I assumed that it was all from car emissions and that was the main issue. Excessive carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is our fault as humans. Some does come from car emissions but, the amount of carbon dioxide has effects on all other greenhouse emissions making it an important cause of the climate change we are seeing.

Learning about fossil fuels and their effects on climate change was also something I was not aware of. Fossil fuels contribute to methane and carbon dioxide emissions. In class and through some readings, I learned about the ways people are changing our use of fossil fuels and trying to eliminate their harmful effects. In an article I read for an In the News post, a scientist has found a way to use solar panels and evaporating water as an alternative energy source.   This is just one of many ways people are attempting to cut down on fossils fuels by using renewable energy.  A few other forms of renewable energy already in use are solar power, wind, and hydroelectric plants.

Math 33 has made me more concerned for my generation and future generations to come. I realize that climate change is happening now and if steps aren’t taken to slow it down or change it, we will be the ones who have to live with the consequences. This past fall there was a crazy string of natural disasters that pose as a great example of the effects of climate change. We are the ones who need to educate ourselves and become more aware of what is happening around us. I still know people who do not believe in climate change or that climate change is not an important issue. They think it is only a phase or a natural change in climate and not something induced by man. After taking this class, I feel more of an obligation to correct people of their views on climate change and share what I have learned. This class has definitely changed my perspective on issues of sustainability and climate change for the better. It has also given me more respect for those who are working to fix this problem.

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  1. sas6841 says:

    Hello, Math 33 has also made me more concerned for my generation and generations to come. Climate change is a serious issue and I feel that there is a lack of understanding and education about the problems. I agree with you that fossil fuels are also something I became more aware of. It is crazy to think that by using solar panels and alternative water sources, we can eliminate so much damage and wasteful products. Hopefully, one day the world will resort to a better form of energy generating.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Haley Brown says:

    I can relate with you that I was aware of climate change when I first took Math 33 but now I am much more aware of the condition of our planet and the affects that us humans have on it. Math 33 definitely made me more concerned for my generations and future generations as well. It bothers me when people tell me they don’t believe in climate change because climate change is so real and it is happening right now, right before our eyes.

  3. emm5936 says:

    Math 33 has really changed my viewpoints on some of the same topics as well. Climate change is a terrible issue that has really been brought to my attention especially through the many great guest speakers that we have had throughout the semester. If our generation does not take action to slow down the effects, like you said we will be the ones living with the consequences. I also feel more obligated as well to take action and try as best as I can to influence people that climate change is not just a natural part of the weather. Finding new energy sources, alternative to the burning of fossil fuels as well as slowing down climate change are two really pressing issues we will be faced with in the coming years.

  4. jal6318 says:

    I enjoyed your post a lot. We were always slightly informed about climate change and environmental destruction, etc. But we never touched upon what could happen and apply it to a math course. I expected this class to be number-based, however, I was pleasantly surprised that content played a huge role. In addition, the content provided would impact our future advances and global thoughts. I agree with you on the fact that this class opened my eyes to what I could do to help future generations by limiting, recycling and informing others. I especially liked how you’ll use this class to inform others and correct them on their current thoughts.
    Well done!
    Jordan Lane

  5. mpc5424 says:

    Math 33 has changed the way I view climate change too. It’s crazy how eye-opening one class can be. I, too thought I knew lot about the environment and how to sustain it before taking this class. I like how you added statistics about the carbon dioxide emission rates. I also really enjoyed learning about fossil fuels and the way they contribute to climate change. I remember that lecture and figuring out how much humans add to the carbon dioxide cycle. You did a great job on this!
    -Maria Canlas

  6. kac6145 says:

    I agree with what you said. I was aware of how bad climate change was, but this class helped me put math behind it. It made me more concerned and motivates me to make others more aware. We can easily ignore what’s going on or we can start taking steps to fix it. Solar panels are also a topic that you brought up. I agree that we should be using them more. Great reflection!

  7. Ashanti Joi Rubin says:

    After reading your work, I can totally agree with you. I too did not realize how major climate change was until recently. I did not know all the factors that contributed to climate change such as water vapor, green house emissions, and the burning of fossil fuels. It was interesting to learn more about climate change and with the information you included, I don’t understand how people don’t believe that its real! Nice post! I enjoyed reading and learning more about this topic.

  8. Kaitlyn Zirrith says:

    After reading your post, I can relate to this very easily as I’m sure most people can in the class. This class served as an eye-opener for me in terms of what is actually going on with the planet and how many people, animals, and how much land have been affected. Math 33 gave me so much information on the different aspects of the evolving world of science and math in the environment through videos, speakers, articles, etc. I really enjoyed reading your post, good job!

  9. Dimitri Tsiavos says:

    I was in the same situation as you in the beginning of the semester as i was aware of climate change but not aware of how urgent and serious of a problem this is. I always thought climate change was a problem for future generations to deal with but i was very wrong about that. This class also served as an “eye opener” for me too because i was not aware of the urgency of the problem. I also found it interesting to learn what contributes to climate change because now i can take steps to lessen my own carbon footprint. Math 33 made me concerned for the current generation when it comes to climate change as well. I really enjoyed your post and found it interesting that we had such a similar experience in this class.

  10. Maggie Higgins says:

    After taking this class I have been exposed to many speakers from different backgrounds and careers. I really enjoyed this post because I agree it is important for us to realize how the environment works and how we can sustain it for future generations. Also the conservation of fossil fuels was another aspect of this class that was important to me as I wasn’t as aware of this as I should’ve been. Taking this class has made me more conscious of products I buy and my carbon footprint.

  11. Yu-Tzu Chang says:

    hi, I totally agree with you that I understand the happening of climate change, but not aware of how serious it is. After this course and all the guest speakers, I am now more educated, and I believe that math 33 really gives students a sense of what have happened in the world. Indeed, there are always people who are not convinced the seriousness of climate change, or some people do not believe that it is a important issue; however, I believe that we all have the responsibility to share our perspective toward these kind of problems. At least, trying to convey our idea to other people.

  12. TINE LIU says:

    I always know how serious climate change is. I did a couple papers on this topic for my other classes. But as I said in my own Write and Respond assignment, I never had the discipline to do anything about it. I always thought to myself: there’s nothing I can do to stop it from happening. There are millions and millions of people in the world. How can I make a difference? I think a lot of people are just like me. They know climate change is bad and we have to stop it, but none of us is actually taking any step.

  13. jqh5435 says:

    Taking this class gives me a better grasp on the actual condition of the climate change, it really helps me to realize the number and find way to eliminate the pollution source with actual strategies. Most of all, I think I can use some the methods that we discussed in class. In the profession of landscape architecture is all about the sustainability and the balance between the build and the natural environment. Although it will be hard to achieve the equilibrium between man and nature, but taking this class helped to to learn better on the conditions of nature that we are not aware of.

  14. Rose Gerber says:

    Although I believed and was aware of climate change, I agree with you that this class has made me more concerned for our generation. I feel as though through this class I have learned a lot more about climate change. Even little things like not using the laundry machine as much.

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