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Millennial usually refer to the group of people who was born in 1994 or after that Most of millennial have the a lot of common characteristics, they are unfocused, and self–esteem.

There is a common phenomenon that in the society that most millennial addict with the social media.  The reason that they become like that have plenty . first reason is that Each parents will told their child that you are the special individual and nobody can replace you, most of student went to the honor class is not because they deserve but their parents want they to do that .

Second, Engagement of social media release a chemical material called dopamine, that is why when you get a “like you” feel happy, and you feel good when you received the response. Most people tend to compare their self with other through Facebook, Instagram and twitter and snapchat, through Facebook and Instagram seem to be the chosen platforms for seeing how they line up. According to this behavior, the social comparison theory amplify .people will post their best picture on the Instagram or Facebook, even though they are not that good.

Addict in social media impact our relationship, You got dopamine release which is the same chemical that makes you feel good when you drink we know that you get a dopamine release when you phone goes buzz or deep, you will get when you get the social media alerts.

Third, too much focus on the phone will make people have less conversation in the reality.  If the kids lost their way and cannot open google map because their phone was power off, they prefer to find a phone charger rather than asking people around, because they are afraid to talk to people

Thus, internet and iPhone become the big part of life, they can without new clothes, new shoes, or do not play games but they cannot without their phone. I remember when I was high school student, I have a sister from my homestay family, and she can play with her phone for 10-12 hours a day. And she will give the like to every Instagram picture, the purpose she do that is in order to the like back, but she do not real hang out with her friends and make friend in reality, she have a lot of friend on social media such as Facebook, twitter, or in stag ram. But when she met those people in reality ,  they just say hi to each other and said’ you know what I just give you a big like about the picture that you post ‘ and then they ended the conversation, what I saw about those behavior is really boring and I think she is living in . What she doing every day is that she is playing with her phone by herself in a gloomy room and do not want to talk with anyone.

I acknowledge that the social media brings the great convenient to our life, but I think there are too many people addict with phone and internet in the reality, which is horrible. Millennial should put the phone away and look at this world.

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