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Artificial intelligence, is also we are so called Ai. Simplify speaking artificial intelligence is a intelligence system that are able to think like a human or even better than human. About the artificial intelligence, we are relate to the last 50 century, the father of computer Alan Turing come up with the idea  in order t Jude fi the computer is an intelligence way called ‘’ Turing  test’. The test is very easy, it works like this, let a computer to answer a series question in 5 minues,  if 30% answer let other believe this is what human did , the computer will pass the test. ,, 1995 Richard, Wallace create the chatting robot called ‘A. L.I.C.E, the normal conversation was added in the system, it include the thousands of data points and this is the model of the artificial intelligence.

Two years later in 1997 ,  the computer Deep blue , they use the artificial intelligence in the chess game to beat the world chess champion Garry Kaparou , this is also become a landmark events in the history of artificial intelligence research, this si also the first time than people start to afraid of artificial intelligence.

In 2000 Japan create e a robot ‘ASIMO’, he cannot only climb up and down the stairs but also can play the soccer and pour tea into the bottle, and it worked very flexible. , it can shows the functions that are similar with human, and have normal intelligence level.

In 2006, the concept of deep learning is a another major breakthrough in the field of AI technology , by establishing and simulating neural networks of human  brains  , the  mechanism of human brain is simulate to interpret data such as  images, sounds and texts. Thus, people saw the hope that AI is going to replace the human mind and decide to participate the business aspect.

In 2016 with the Deep mind’s game of AI Alpha Go, AI Alpha Go defeated LI shsihsi and ke jie,  people start to pay high attention to the AI technology

In 2017 the upgraded Alpha go Zero beat the Alpha go by 100 -0 record, using only three days of self- study , it takes at least 15-2- years of learning to be a top player compared to human chess players, their growing process is unbelievable.


The article also mention about the difference about AI and ML , artificial learning is a broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider ‘ smart’..  Machine Learning is current application of AI based around the idea that we are able to give machines access to data and let them to learn for themselves.

From my perspective, I think AI is a very smart technology and AI include the technology that they can learn by themselves. But that doesn’t mean AI is able to replace everything. This include the perspective, like about the different news different things, different people have different thoughts.  They can only copy the thoughts, but the news thought is create by our humans. And I think the application of AI technology should not focus on how to beat human, instead we should focus on how to benefit for human, how should use AI to make human have better life is what should AI focus on .

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