Blog 3

Blog 3

In this week we talk about how those technology interrupts with our daily life. With the development of society, the technology changed our lifestyle. The technology covered almost everywhere, no matter you are the student, businessman, teacher, workers we all need to use the electronic devices. And people just text through their phone in everywhere, they will play with their phone on the subway, classroom, office and waiting for the food or even at the date.  People feel nervous when they lost their phone.  We acknowledge that cell-phone provide the great convenient to our life, but the problem is that when we meet our friend in reality, we are afraid to talk with each other. We are try to avoid the eye-contact with each other, because the technology make us become a robot.

Besides, l earned that how does internet hijack us in what ways,

First, people need to get the social approval from the internet, why does people like to spent time on internet even though they know they will addict with that? The reason is that others are also in the internet, people need to keep in touch with each other through the internet in order to get the social approval. For example, people like to leave the comment about what their friend are posting, in doing this in order to shows they have the good relationship with that friend and they also want more friend to join their conversation.   This theory also works on the Instagram,   the more ‘ like ‘ they get, the more social approval they have.

Also, people need to get the social reciprocity from the internet. There is the basic rules, like when your friend follow you should follow it back. Most of people like to ‘give the like’ to every picture, the reason they do that is because they want to ‘like it back’ when they post their own picture. It also works on the Facebook comment, when they leave a message on what their friend posting, they want get the reply back, otherwise they will feel uncomfortable with that. Thus we are living in the internet atmosphere. We will feel anxiety when there is no internet.

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