Is Technology making our education better? BLOG POST 2


Is Technology making our education better?

Last week, we read a lot of article about how dose technology affects our education and lifestyle. With the advance of technology, our teaching methods made a giant change. From the blackboard to electronic screen, from pencil to I-clicker, from notebook to iPad, Electronic devices and Internet become necessaries in our life. Millennial make friends on the Internet, when they hand out they rather than talking through the phone instead of having the real conversation.  What are the advantages and disadvantage?  My analysis is following.

Technology makes our learning method become more convenient. For example, we can see the world through browsing the picture.  If we want search specific information we just need to Google it. A lot of online book provide Hugh mount of books for us to read. Or if you miss a lecture, you can fins the similar material on the Internet. This is the age that tends to be an excess of information.  You never need to worry about lack of information but need you to worry about is how to select the appropriate information in the sea of data.

However, we also met some problems. Teacher and student cannot without the technology and Internet.  Like the Penn state university use Canvas, if one day Canvas was attack by the black hack, all of the database will lost and all of the homework will miss that is big trouble.

Also, according to the article on washing ton post, it said about 60 percent said it hindered students’ ability to write and communicate face to face, and almost half said it hurt critical thinking and their ability to do homework. Also, 76 percent of teachers believed students are being conditioned by the internet to find quick answers, leading to a loss of concentration.

Third, technologies lower our ability to have a deeply thinking. Nowadays, people just browsing information through the basic news, TV channel, Facebook. But are those news are real?  Too many superficial materials makes us lower our critically thinking skill. In the past, people willing to spend three or four hours to read a book, but nowadays, what people search on the internet is how to read a book in 20 minutes. Yes, I acknowledge that 20 minus are able to make a summary of the book. But what is the meaning of that. I think reading a book should have our own thoughts. One book has thousands of perspective

To Sum Up, the change of technology can provide us have a large platform to make a better research, but the material won’t change. People still need to learn and study and we should have patient to deeply judgment.










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