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Write and Respond Reflection

My biggest takeaway from Math 33 was the concept of feedback loops. I hadn’t been introduced to this idea so thoroughly before this class, and now it is how I make sense of the world. I understood that everything was … Continue reading

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Antartica’s Tipping Point

Antarctica’s ice sheets are projected to hit a tipping point that could drastically raise our sea levels if we sustain our levels of carbon dioxide emissions. Our sea levels would rise by more than 4 feet by the end of … Continue reading

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Better Labels = Less Food Waste

Globally, food waste contributes 8% of greenhouse gases every year. About 1 billion tons of food is wasted, costing $940 billion. 75% of this food waste is created on farms or during transportation, yet the other 25% happens on a … Continue reading

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Math Test: Claire Talley

\( x^3-3x^2-10x=0\) \((1+r)^n\) \((5.7×10^{-8}) \times (1.6×10^{12})=9.12×10^4\) \( \pi L (1 – \alpha ) R^2 = 4 \pi \sigma T^{4} R^{2} \) \( 12 km \times \frac{0.6 \text{miles}}{1 \text{km}} \approx 7.2 miles \) \[ 12 km \times \frac{0.6 \text{miles}}{1 \text {km}} … Continue reading

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Intro by Claire Talley

Hello! My name is Claire Talley. I am a sophomore majoring in Education and Public Policy with a minor in Sociology and Sustainability Leadership. I decided to take this class because I am not good at math whatsoever, and this … Continue reading

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