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The Misinformation of GMOs

Entering a math class in the beginning of the year, I had no idea how much we would be discussing applicable issues that can be observed in the world today. As a self-prescribed math-averse student, I was daunted by the … Continue reading

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In The News #2: Genetically Modified Apples that Won’t Brown Coming Soon

Regarding our recent discussion of the relevance of genetically modified organisms, or more commonly known as GMOs, I thought this article in the New York Daily News to be both interesting and relevant. Although an advancement in the specific field … Continue reading

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Organic Farming: The Key to A Sustainable Future

There are a variety of common concerns in modern society regarding daily consumed items. It is assumed that what we consume can always be modified in order to improve it, whether it be for health or environmental reasons. Plastic water … Continue reading

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Greta Guthrie Math Quiz

\(x^3-3x^2-10x=0\) \((1+r)^n\) \((5.7×10^{-8})x(1.6×10^{12})=9.12×10^4\) \(\pi L(1-\alpha)R^2=4\pi\sigma T^4R^2\) \(12 \text {km} \times \frac{0.6 \text { mile}}{1 \text { km}} \approx 7.2 \text {miles}\) \[12 \text {km} \times \frac{0.6 \text { mile}}{1 \text { km}} \approx 7.2 \text {miles}\] \(4,173,445,346,50 \approx 4,200,000,000 = … Continue reading

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Introduction Post: Greta Guthrie

Hello! My name is Greta Guthrie, and I am a senior majoring in IST and Telecommunications. Ideally, someday I would love to be able to somehow help with technological developments in relation to environmental issues and sustainability. My advisor first … Continue reading

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