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Bring On the Robot Overlords

Robbie Horton Write and Respond Assignment #2 This course has given me a wealth of new tools that help me to analyze numerical information. As the semester progressed, I have gained more than just valuable knowledge about several environmental issues … Continue reading

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Turkey Poop: Not Sexy.

Apparently, turkey poop is “not sexy”. According to an article in the New York Times, an energy company named Xcel Energy is trying to stop buying electricity from a trio of biofuel plants based in Minnesota. Two of the biofuel … Continue reading

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Lab-Grown Steak Meat is a massive part of human existence. In addition to being a crucial source of much-needed protein in our diet, the cooking and consumption of meats play a large role in practically every major society on our planet. … Continue reading

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A Carnivore’s Lament

Robbie Horton Math 33, fall 2017 Write and Respond Assignment 1   I am a carnivore. I consume a large amount of meat on a daily basis, most of it beef. I also consider myself to be an environmentally conscious … Continue reading

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Robbie Horton: Math Quiz

1.  \(x^3-3x^2-10x=0\) 2. \((1+r)^n\) 3. \((5.7\times 10^{-8}) \times (1.6 \times 10^{12})=9.12\times 10^4\) 4. \(\pi L(1-\alpha )R^2=4\pi \sigma T^4R^2\) 5. \(12 \text{km} \times \frac{0.6\text{mile}}{1\text{km}} \approx 7.2  \text {mile}\) \[12 \text{km} \times \frac{0.6\text{mile}}{1\text{km}} \approx 7.2  \text {mile}\] 6. \(4,173,445,346.50 \approx 4,200,000,000=4.2 \times … Continue reading

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Introduction By Robbie Horton

Hello all! My name is Robbie Horton and I am a senior Sculpture Major here at Penn State.  I’m taking this class because I’m deeply concerned about our planet’s fragile ecosystem, which is the only currently known environment that can … Continue reading

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