Editing and updating a post

You can edit or update your posts any time you want.  To edit a post, proceed as follows.

Step 1

Log in to the site (see How to make a blog post)

Step 2

Locate the post you wish to edit.

  • You can use the Dashboard to see all of your posting activity on the blog. To do this, hover over the Site title “Mathematics for Sustainability: Fall 2017” in the toolbar at the top and click on Dashboard. Then hover over “Posts” in the left sidebar and click on “All posts”.  This should bring you to a list of all of your posts- published and unpublished. Find the post you wish to update and click edit.
  • For a published post, you can scroll through blog posts looking for your post (not recommended).
  • A better way to find a particular published post is to use the search bar to search for your post.
  • When you’ve located a published post, you can click the small “Edit” link at the bottom of the post.



 Step 3

You can change your post in the edit window as much as you want.  (Bear in mind that the editor provides a spell-checker, the “checkmark with an ABC” icon at the right hand side of the toolbar.)  When you are finished, you must make sure that you save your work.  How this is done depends on whether you are updating a draft, or updating an already published post.Publish

  • If you are still working with a draft post, the publish window contains “Save Draft”, “Preview”, and “Publish”, exactly as if you were making a new post (see How to make a blog post)
  • If you are updating a post that has been already published, the “Save Draft” option is no longer available, and the “Publish” button is replaced by “Update” which updates the already-published post.