How to create a hyperlink

A hyperlink is a clickable piece of text that takes you to another online location, like this. Your blog posts need to include hyperlinks that connect the reader to other relevant information (like the sources you have used, for example).  Here’s how to make hyperlinks.

Step 1

In another tab or window, open the site you want to link to and copy the link address.

Step 2

Return to editing your post and highlight the piece of text you want to make into a hyperlink. Click the “Insert/edit link” button on the top row of the editor toolbar.

Step 3

Paste the link into the text bar that opens beneath the highlighted text and click the “Apply” button, the blue button with the arrow.  The gear icon is for “Link options”. Clicking this will let you choose whether the link should open in a new tab or the current tab or link to other content on the blog.

After clicking “Apply” your link should be active.  You should preview your post before publishing and make sure that your hyperlinks are active and working correctly.

Editing a hyperlink

If you want to change (edit) a hyperlink that you have already made, the procedure is very similar. With your post open to edit, click the link and then press the Insert/Edit Link button, and go from there. There is a toolbar button next to Insert/Edit Link for removing an existing link.


Some word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word) are set up so that if you type a piece of text that looks like a hyperlink (like this:, it will automatically be converted into an actual, live hyperlink.  The editor that we are using does not work like that.  If you want to make a hyperlink, you must use the process above; just typing an address will create a “dead link”, which does not actually take the reader anywhere.  (Try clicking the Google address above.)  This will annoy your readers and lose you points.