Blogging Theme Week 7

The second blogging period ends on March 27th, that is in five weeks time. As you are thinking about your posts for this period, I’d encourage you to read my post summarizing the results of grading for period 1.  To improve your posts, I’d encourage you contact me, Sara or Kaley and make an appointment to talk in office hours or at another time.  We will be happy to provide advice and suggestions, including specific feedback on your current posts if you ask.

A brief general reminder about blogging requirements: you may post on anything related to the course (the “theme” for the week is only a suggestion), and your postings will be graded according to the rubric that appears in the syllabus,  The rubric involves five grading elements: frequency of posting, mathematical content, thematic content, organization and presentation, references and connections.  Blogging is your only “homework” for this course and a high standard will be expected.

The suggested blogging theme for this week is Limits to Growth.  This is in conjunction with the presentation that I will give on Monday.   Any mathematical scenario which tries to discuss how a population or an ecosystem approaches growth boundaries is okay here.  This includes the book The Limits to Growth itself, of course, and all the discussion and argument that it gave rise too; but you are not limited to that one book.  You could also post about “limits to growth” in the context of Jevons’ discussion of coal (mentioned earlier), urban planning, Penn State student numbers, fisheries management, animal populations, oil or water resources, or any other context.  Or, remember, you are also welcome to post on any of the earlier themes (or on any other topic).

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