Blogging theme for week 12

It has been good to talk to some of you in office hours about ideas for your blog posts.  I encourage you all to make use of the support provided in office hours to make your blog contributions the best that they can be.

For this week my suggested theme is  “The Anthropocene”.  This term showed up in Chris Uhl’s talk last week.  It has been suggested to describe an epoch (a period of geological time) in which the geologic history of the whole Earth becomes dominated by human influence.

You could blog about the process which leads to such an “official” designation, the evidence for a new geologic era, and how present human-influenced characteristics of the natural world (e.g. rate of species extinction) compare to previous epochs.

Remember that, as always, the theme is only a suggestion.  You are welcome to post on any relevant topic, including one of the earlier suggested themes.  Here is a list of those:


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