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Math equations

One of the topics of the course will be on exponential functions. Understanding exponential functions can allow you to quantitatively describe the growth structure of a model. You will not have a problems that look like this, however showing your work will be vital.

Question: f(x)= 5×
log²(5)+ 5log²(3)= log²(5) + log²(3⁵)=
log²(5×3⁵) or log²(1215)

Edits by John Roe: here is how to use LaTeX/MathJax to display these

[ f(x) = 5^x. ]

[ log(5) + 5log(3) = log(5) + log(3^5) = log(5times 3^5) = log(1215). ]




How to write math expressions on the blog

To write mathematical expressions in your blog posts, you can use a piece of software called MathJax.  To write a MathJax formula in your post, you enclose it within special parentheses: for inline formulas (those that appear in the same line as your text), enclose the formula in (…), and for displayed formulas (those that appear on a line of their own), use […] .  These parentheses signal to your browser to run a code snippet that renders your formula in elegant mathematical notation.  (You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser for MathJax to work properly.)

This tutorial is brief; a much longer one can be found on StackExchange.  To see how any of the formulas was made, right-click on it and choose “Show Math As > TeX Commands”.  This will show you the MathJax code that was put between the parentheses to generate that expression. Continue reading