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Slides posted for Peak Oil case study

Hi all

I have posted the slides for today’s case study on Peak Oil.   They are available at


I’ve also had the chance to preview the slides for Andrew Gutberlet’s case study next Wednesday.  If you remember, Andrew is manager of engineering services for Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant, and he will be talking about Penn States greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction objectives, with lots of PSU-specific data.  This looks to be a really interesting presentation.


Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels

On Friday I will talk about the idea of “peak oil”.  The fundamental paper in this area, Hubbert’s 1956 Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels, is easy enough to read (you can ignore the few references to calculus at the beginning, they are mostly just mathematical window-dressing).  You can download Hubbert’s paper from this link.   Try using this as the basis for some blog posts.